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All-steel fume hood

Product introduction: Chongqing laboratory full steel fume hood Product specifications: 1500 * 800 * 2350 (can be customized according to customer needs) Common specifications: 1200 * 800 * 2350 1800 * 800 * 2350 1500 * 800 * 2350

Chongqing laboratory full steel fume hood

1500*800*2350(可根据客户需求进行定做) Product specifications: 1500 * 800 * 2350 (can be customized according to customer needs)

1200*800*2350 1800*800*2350 1500*800*2350 Common specifications: 1200 * 800 * 2350 1800 * 800 * 2350 1500 * 800 * 2350

Fume hood application:

The main function of the fume hood (also known as detoxification hood) is the exhaust gas function. In the chemical laboratory, various harmful gases, odors, moisture, and flammable, explosive, and corrosive substances are generated during the experimental operation. In order to protect the safety of users and prevent the pollutants in the experiment from spreading to the laboratory, a fume hood should be used near the source of the pollution. The fume hood only plays the auxiliary function of the experimental bench. In consideration of improving the experimental environment, the experiments performed on the experimental bench are gradually transferred to the fume hood, which requires that the fume hood should have the function most suitable for the use of the equipment. Fume hoods occupy a very important position in chemical laboratories, in terms of improving the laboratory environment, improving labor and health conditions, and improving work efficiency.

The biggest purpose of using the fume hood is to exhaust the harmful gas generated in the experiment and protect the health of the experimenters. That is to say, it must have high safety and superior operability. This requires the fume hood to have the following functions:

(1) Releasing function: It shall be provided with a mechanism for absorbing harmful gases generated inside the fume hood by absorbing the gas outside the hood, and diluting it to exclude the outdoor.

(2) Non-reverse flow function: It should have the function of preventing harmful gas from flowing into the room from the inside of the fume hood by the air flow generated by the exhaust fan inside the fume hood. ( 或层顶处 ) In order to ensure the realization of this function, it is the best method to connect a fume hood and a fan with a single pipe. It cannot be connected with a single pipe, and it is limited to the same room on the same floor. Installed at the end of the pipe ( or at the top of the floor ) .

(3) Isolation function: non-sliding glass windows should be used in front of the fume hood to separate the inside and outside of the fume hood.

Structural requirements:

The main body adopts the anti-corrosion plate and steel surface anti-corrosion spraying non-welding combined structure process, which is composed of two parts, the upper fume hood and the lower base box have the function of reagent cabinet. ( 自调节门内缘起量至扰流板前缘 ) 应不小于 710mm The depth of the working area of the fume hood ( from the inner edge of the adjusting door to the front edge of the spoiler ) should not be less than 710mm . 0.3-0.5m/s The surface wind speed of the fume hood operation port is 0.3-0.5m / s .

The structure is reasonable and easy to use, which can ensure that the toxic and harmful gases produced in different experiments can be completely discharged when the specific gravity is different.

The cabinet can be equipped with various gas valves and water supply valves. The maintenance aisle is located directly behind the operation or on both sides of the interior for easy maintenance.

And water vapor intrusion . 5. 灯体:采用聚碳酸酯材料( PC 6. 灯罩:采用透明的聚碳酸酯材料( PC 7. 夹扣:不锈钢。 4. Integrated design of lamps and lanterns, with electrical appliances and pre-wiring 5. Lamp body: Polycarbonate material ( PC ) 6. Lampshade: Transparent polycarbonate material ( PC ) 7. Clip: Stainless steel.

90 °旋转,使用寿命开关 50 万次,静态最大耐压 20 巴附件:可拆卸铜质水嘴,可加接防溅滤水器肘动开关:高密度 PP ,防止二次污染鹅颈管:可 360 °转动。 7 、 Single-port faucet: using composite cast copper single-port faucet, epoxy coating on the outside, remote control; main body: thick copper coating: high-brightness epoxy coating, corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant, UV-resistant ceramic valve Core: 90 ° rotation, service life switch 500,000 times, static maximum pressure resistance 20 bar Attachment: detachable copper nozzle, can be connected with splash-proof water filter elbow switch: high-density PP to prevent secondary pollution goose neck Tube: 360 ° rotatable.

PP 材质,模具一体成型,抑菌、易清洁、耐腐蚀、耐酸碱和有机物;水槽底部厚度 7mm, 四周壁厚 5mm ;台下托底式或台上托面式安装,有利于台面残水自然回流,美观实用。 8. Cup trough: Imported high-density PP material, integrated mold, antibacterial, easy to clean, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance and organic matter; thickness of the bottom of the water tank is 7mm, wall thickness of the surrounding is 5mm ; Surface installation is conducive to the natural return of residual water on the table, beautiful and practical. PP 材质,耐强腐蚀、耐酸碱和有机物,具有过滤、堵臭功能。 Sewer system: imported high-density PP material, strong corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance and organic matter, with filtering and odor blocking functions. . 颜色分为:黑、灰 . 附件:高密度 PP 去水,阻水盖, The surface texture of the groove is treated with leather texture, which is resistant to scratches and is consistent with the surface texture of most countertops . Colors are divided into black and gray . Attachment: High-density PP dewatering, water blocking cover

basic configuration:

*1 套; 1. LCD control panel * 1 set;

*2 套, 220V/16A 2. Power socket * 2 sets, 220V / 16A ;

*1 套。 3. Lighting system * 1 set.

4. Water valve and nozzle; using composite copper single-port faucet, epoxy coating on the outside, remote control;

5.PP cup slot.

1 )安装单口鹅颈化验龙头( 1 组),( 2 )化验杯槽( 1 组)材质说明: 6. Accessories: ( 1 ) Install single-mouth gooseneck faucet ( 1 group), ( 2 ) Laboratory cup groove ( 1 group) Material description:

1.2mm 冷轧钢板,箱体由箱体面板,侧板,底板,后挡板组合而成,面板,侧板,底板,后挡板可全拆装,易于维护,方便使用表面经过碱洗除油、酸洗除锈、磷化附膜、钝化、静电机器 手自动喷涂和高温固化处理。 1. The base material of the upper cabinet (fume hood) is 1.2mm thick cold-rolled steel plate. The box body is composed of the box panel, side plate, bottom plate and back baffle. It is easy to maintain and easy to use. The surface is cleaned by alkali, degreasing, pickling, rust, phosphating, passivation, electrostatic robotic automatic spraying and high temperature curing. Thermoset powder spraying; rust removal, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance.

5MM 厚抗酸碱、耐高温抗倍特板。 2. Inner lining board: 5MM thick acid and alkali resistant, high temperature resistant anti-fold special board. BAFFIE ):二节式导流板设计,其材质同内衬板,导流板安装位置与角度使排气分布均匀,无死角,在标准状况下,导流板上方与中、下方出风口排风量比例各约 50+10% ,以确保不同比重之气体均能有效排除。 Deflector ( BAFFIE ): Two-section deflector design. Its material is the same as that of the lining. The installation position and angle of the deflector make the exhaust gas distribution uniform and no dead angle. Under standard conditions, the top of the deflector and the middle, The proportion of air volume at the air outlet below is about 50 + 10% each to ensure that gases with different specific gravity can be effectively eliminated. Assemble the screws with a plastic cover to avoid direct contact between the screws and the gas in the cabinet.

采用 12.7MM 厚国产优质实心理化板。 Operating table: 12.7MM thick domestic high-quality solid psychological board. The solid sheet is a thermosetting phenolic resin sheet impregnated with phenolic resin in kraft paper or wood fiber and hardened under high temperature and pressure. Because of its uniform and dense structure, any point on the board is strong. If the surface is finished with special resin, its performance can be further enhanced. The inner core of the solid psychological board is black, and the expressiveness of the surface color, style, and texture is quite rich, so it can be used as outdoor and indoor building materials with corresponding strength requirements and appearance requirements. The solid sheet has excellent impact resistance, water resistance, moisture resistance, chemical resistance, heat resistance, abrasion resistance, and weather resistance. Sunlight does not cause discoloration or discoloration. In addition, the product is difficult to be stained with dirt, easy to clean, and easy to maintain. The beauty of the product is sustainable and long-lasting. The impact absorption of the solid sheet and the special manufacturing process make it have a certain powerful shock resistance.

1.2mm 冷轧钢板,箱体由箱体面板,侧板,底板,后挡板组合而成,面板,侧板,底板,后挡板可全拆装,易于维护,方便使用表面经过碱洗除油、酸洗除锈、磷化附膜、钝化、静电机器 手自动喷涂和高温固化处理。 3. Base cabinet: The base material is 1.2mm thick cold-rolled steel plate, and the box body is made of a combination of box panel, side plate, bottom plate, and tailgate. The panel, side plate, bottom plate, and tailgate can be fully disassembled and assembled, which is easy. Maintenance, easy to use surface after alkali cleaning and degreasing, pickling and rust removal, phosphating coating, passivation, electrostatic robotic automatic spraying and high temperature curing treatment. Thermoset powder spraying; rust removal, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance.

5mm 安全钢化玻璃。 4. Adjusting door: Adjusting door glass: Use 5mm thick safety tempered glass. Stepless balance design, the window can stay at any height, and its up and down stroke is restricted by silent track to avoid shaking and collision. 2.3KG 力就可以升、降拉门。 The balance system consists of weights, pulleys, hinges and other devices, which can prevent the sliding door from tilting, and can be controlled with one hand, and the sliding door can be raised and lowered without exceeding 2.3KG .

1MM 10 ,出口衔接管口高度 50MM (含)以上,便于风管套管衔接,集气罩具良好之锥形集气角度及圆滑度,以获得良好之集气平均及低压损。 5. Air collecting hood: It adopts conical condensing air collecting hood, the bottom entrance is rectangular opening, the diameter of the top outlet pipe is about 10mm according to the size of the air cabinet , and the height of the outlet connection pipe is 50MM (inclusive) or more, which is convenient for air duct casing. Converging, the gas collecting hood has a good cone gas gathering angle and smoothness to obtain a good gas gathering average and low pressure loss.

220V 30W 飞利浦三防日光灯一套。 6 , lighting equipment: 220V , 30W Philips three anti-fluorescent lamps inside the lampshade . 防水、防尘、抗冲击性能好 2. 防紫外线灯罩,隔绝 240-370mm 的紫外线 3. 特别设计的夹扣,能有效防止灰尘 1. Good waterproof, dustproof and impact resistance performance 2. UV-proof lampshade to block out 240-370mm UV 3. Specially designed clips can effectively prevent dust

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